Dehumidifier Settings For Winter

Attaining the right humidity level for your home can be challenging because of the different factors that influence indoor air quality. Learning about the correlation between factors like temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall, ventilation, and indoor air conditioning, can help you attain the right indoor humidity. Dehumidifier settings for winter can differ from the … Read more

Why is my Dehumidifier Leaking from the Bottom?

There are numerous processes occurring concurrently inside your dehumidifier. For instance, while the fan in your dehumidifier is running, it draws moist air inside the dehumidifier. The air is passed through a condenser and the water vapor in the air is collected in the dehumidifier’s water tank. The air is then moved through hot coils … Read more

Do I Need A 50 Pint or 70 Pint Humidifier?

Are you trying to decide between a 50 and 70-pint dehumidifier for your residence? The size and capacity of a dehumidifier may have a significant influence on its efficacy and energy efficiency; thus, it is essential to choose the appropriate size for your requirements. The answer regarding the type of humidifier you need depends on … Read more

Will My Humidifier Turn Off When Out of Water?

Portable humidifiers need to be constantly refilled to ensure that they can release the water in the form of mist in your home. Unless you are using a whole-house humidifier or a large-capacity humidifier, you might need to refill your humidifier at least once daily. Will my humidifier turn off when out of water? Well, … Read more

How Often Should I Use Humidifier for My Plants

The role of water in the development of plants includes transporting inorganic and organic molecules present in the soil, that aid in processes like photosynthesis and support the growth of plants. While plants absorb water from the soil and their surroundings, they also lose a lot of water through transpiration. The loss of water through … Read more