How to Use Pure Enrichment Humidifier

The pure enrichment humidifier has been designed with unique features that promote its functionality. This humidifier is suitable for both small and large-sized rooms and is efficient in humidifying your home. Harsh cold temperatures can make the air dry and increase your risk of catching a cold.

A humidifier is a great option for ensuring that you keep the air in your home humidifier. The pure enrichment humidifier is an adorable pear-shaped humidifier designed to release moisture into the air through ultrasonic waves.

If you are interested in learning how to use pure enrichment humidifiers, this article will offer you useful insights that you can apply when using your humidifier.

This humidifier comes with a large water tank and a nozzle that lets out a cool mist. When compared to other humidifiers, the pure enrichment humidifier does not produce much noise.

To use a pure enrichment humidifier, you should first fill the water tank with water, plug in the humidifier in an electric outlet, set the settings on the humidifier based on your preferences and direct the nozzle based on where you want the moisture released to go. Ensure that you empty the humidifier after using it and clean it appropriately.

Its use of ultrasonic sound waves ensures that the humidifier does not produce much noise when it releases moisture into the air. An assessment of the sound level of the humidifier shows that its noise output is less than 32 decibels, making it a suitable humidifier option to use both at night and during the day.

How to Use Pure Enrichment Humidifier

Steps on How to Use Pure Enrichment Humidifier

Step 1: Filling the water tank
Step 2: Plug the pure enrichment humidifier into an electric outlet
Step 3: Settings the humidifier
Step 4: Direction
Step 5: Shutting it off
Step 6: Cleaning

After you have bought your pure enrichment humidifier, you might not be sure about how you can effectively use your humidifier in your home. Check out the steps below for directions on how to use and clean your pure enrichment humidifier effectively.

Step 1: Filling the Water Tank

Before you can start using your humidifier, you will need to fill it with water. The water tank is detachable from the lower part of the humidifier. Detach the water tank and turn it upside down then unscrew the cover.

Fill the tank with tap water then place the cover back before turning the water tank upside down. Ensure that water is not dripping from the water tank then attach the water tank to the base of the humidifier after filling it with water.

If you notice some water spills around the area where you were using your humidifier, you should check the water tank to ensure that you tightened the knob well. In most cases, overfilling the water tank and not closing the water tank well is usually the reason for water spills.

Note: You can use tap water to fill your humidifier. If you live in a place where you use hard water, you can opt to use filtered water instead of hard water. The minerals found in hard water can easily clog up your humidifier if you use the hard water regularly.

Aside from that, the minerals in hard water can also increase your risk of developing respiratory health issues because as the mist is released into the air, the minerals in the water are also released into the air.

Step 2: Plug the Pure Enrichment Humidifier into an Electric Outlet

After filling the water tank with water, plug in the AC adapter to an electric outlet. The humidifier comes with an electric outlet that you can use to charge your humidifier. Ensure that you plug in the humidifier correctly before switching it on.

Your humidifier should start working immediately. The humidifier releases the water poured into the water tank as a cool mist that moisturizes your air.

Step 3: Settings the Humidifier

The pure enrichment humidifier has two settings. When you push the switch on for the first time, it will release the mist into your environment at a slow rate.

If you wish to increase the speed at which the humidity is released into the air, simply push the switch again to make the adjustment. This humidifier only has one button, making it easy to use and operate.

Step 4: Direction

You can easily redirect the direction of the cool mist released by the humidifier. The nozzle on the humidifier that releases the mist into the air can be turned 360 degrees to regulate the direction of the cool mist. Place a finger or two on the nozzle on the upper part of the humidifier and simply turn it in the direction of your choice.

This setting ensures that you do not need to turn the entire humidifier when you wish to humidify your home. It also reduces the risks of twisting the wires in the AC adapter cable used.

Step 5: Shutting it off

You can easily shut off the humidifier after using it by pressing the on and off button. If you plan to use the humidifier for long hours, you can fill it with water and leave it on to humidify your space. The humidifier will automatically shut off when the water tank is empty.

This ensures that you do not have to worry about leaving your humidifier on for long hours when you are not in your home or when you are sleeping. Simply fill the water tank and leave the humidifier on and it will automatically turn off when the water tank is empty.

Step 6: Cleaning

After you have used your pure enrichment humidifier for a few days, you might want to clean it. The humidifier comes with a brush that has been designed to ease your cleaning process. Use cold or warm soapy water and the brush that comes with the humidifier to clean the water tank.

You can clean the lower part of the pure enrichment humidifier with a wet towel to remove any dirt or dust that might have settled on the humidifier.

Cleaning your humidifier is important because it removes all the residues from the tap water that might have accumulated in your water tank. Ensure that you clean your humidifier regularly to prevent blockage of nozzles that release the mist into the air.

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The pure enrichment humidifier is easy to use. The refillable water tank on the humidifier ensures that you can easily refill the tank with clean tap water. The additional accessories that the humidifier comes with include the AC adapter and a cleaning brush that will make your work easy.

Ensure that you read the manual that comes with the humidifier for any clarifications on how to use your humidifier. It is also important to remember to clean your humidifier occasionally to avoid blocking the tiny nozzles on the water tank that produce the cool mist.

If you live in an area that has hard water, you should consider using filtered water to prolong the lifespan of your humidifier and reduce the need for constant maintenance. Always ensure that you cover the water tank properly after filling it with water to avoid spillage.

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