Can I use Vicks Humidifier Without Vapopads

Using vapopads in a humidifier can be challenging especially when you are uncertain about where you should place the vapopads, how many vapopads you should use, or whether or not you should actually use the vapopads.

So, can I use Vicks humidifier without vapopads? The answer is yes. While it is beneficial to use vapopads in your humidifier when you have a cold, you can still use your Vicks humidifier without vapopads. It is important to ensure that you do not place alternative menthol or aromatic products in your humidifier.

Vapopads are designed to release menthol vapours into the air to ensure that they promote your well-being and offer you the comfort you need to get over a cold or a sinus infection.

You can also use them during cold seasons to prevent the flu and the common cold. Ensure that you use them correctly for maximum benefits.

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What are Vapopads?

Vapopads are cotton-like paddings that have been infused with camphor and menthol. They are made specifically to be used by individuals who have sinus infections, colds, throat irritations caused by colds, or other respiratory health issues.

The active ingredients in Vapopads are camphor and menthol. Camphor is a mild pain reliever while menthol is an organic compound obtained from peppermint and other mint leaves.

When directly applied to the skin, menthol provides a cooling sensation. When inhaled camphor and menthol have been associated with reducing symptoms of respiratory distress, colds, coughs, and flu.

Menthol has counter-irritant properties that make it effective for relieving minor throat irritation. Products that contain menthol are often used to provide relief to people who have sinus problems or allergic reactions that affect their respiration.

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Usage of Vapopads

Generally, Vapopads are used as a remedy for respiratory congestion and common colds. Unlike other menthol products that can be rubbed or sprayed directly on the skin, the Vapopads were designed to be used with a Vicks humidifier.

Combining the use of Vapopads with the Vicks humidifier ensures that you get faster relief if you were struggling with sinus congestion.

To use the Vapopads with your Vicks humidifier, simply insert a Vapopad into the scent pad slot. You can insert one or two Vapopads into the scent pad slot at a time.

Plug the vaporizer into an electric wall outlet and turn it on. The humidifier will then produce steam that contains the aroma of the Vapopads.

If you want to use a different aroma in your humidifier, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for your product. While vapopods are great for Vicks humidifiers, essential oils should only be used in humidifiers that have a diffuser tray or in diffusers that have been designed specifically for aromatherapy.

A pack of the Vicks Vapopads contain 6 Vicks Vapopads and they can be used in most Vicks humidifiers. You can use one of the Vapopads for up to 8 hours and enjoy the benefits of the soothing menthol vapors from the Vapopads.

Can I use Vicks Humidifier without Vapopads?

The short answer is yes, you can comfortably and safely use your Vicks humidifier without Vapopads.

Although most Vicks humidifiers were designed to cater to the needs of individuals who might wish to use Vapopads or VapoSteam with the humidifiers, they can be used with plain water without these aromatic components.

If you do not have a cold, cough, or sinus infection, you might not be interested in using Vapopads in your humidifier and that is totally fine.

If you are not interested in using the Vapopads, simply add clean tap water to the water tank in your humidifier then secure the steam unit back into the humidifier and ensure that the steam unit of the humidifier is locked securely before connecting it to an electric outlet.

Wait for approximately ten minutes for the steam produced by the humidifier to start appearing after switching on the electric outlet. The humidifier will produce humidity in the form of vaporized mist.

If you have a cold, cough, sinus infection, or mild throat irritation but you do not have the Vapopads, you can still benefit from the humidity produced by the humidifier. Dry air can increase throat irritation and worsen coughs.

If the air in your home is relatively dry, simply plug in your Vicks humidifier after filling the water tank with water and enjoy the moisture released from the humidifier. The moisture produced by the humidifier will humidify the air around you and reduce the severity of your cough.

Considerations When Using Your Vicks Humidifier without Vapopads

Distilled Water

If you plan to use the Vicks humidifier without the Vapopads or VapoSteam, it is important to ensure that you use clean plain water in the humidifier.

Avoid Adding Other Aromatics Components

You should avoid adding other aromatic components like essential oils or different menthol products to the water. Adding these components inside the water tank or any other part of the humidifier could affect its ability to produce steam effectively.

Avoid Salt

Avoid adding salt to the water. If you plan to use the Vicks humidifier without the Vapopads, you should also avoid adding salts or any other components into the humidifier.

While steaming your face with salt water might be useful in treating acne or improving the general health of your skin, you should note that adding salt to your humidifier can interfere with its functionality.

Salt can corrode the metallic components of your humidifier and reduce its lifespan. If you add salt to the water in your humidifier, the damage caused by the salt will not be repaired by the company under your warranty.

What Makes Vicks Vapopads Unique?

Vicks Vapopads and VapoSteam do not contain petroleum jelly or petrolatum, which is often added in personal care products like moisturizing agents and body creams. The absence of petrolatum in Vicks Vapopads makes them safe for use in Vicks humidifiers.

Using products that contain petrolatum in a humidifier could ruin the humidifier and the manufacturer could void your warranty because damages caused by the products that have petrolatum are not covered by the warranty.

This is why Vapopads and VapoSteam are safe, they have been designed specifically for humidifiers. As such, you should not add anything else to the water.


It is important to seek proper medical services if you have a serious cough or respiratory infection. You should note that while humidifiers can be effective in reducing the severity of your cough, they might not relieve you of the cough or infection completely.

If after using the humidifier with or without the Vapopads for a few days you are still struggling with managing the cold or cough, you should consider seeking cough or cold medication that you can use along with the humidifier for faster recovery.

Remember that while you can use your Vicks humidifier without Vapopads or VapoSteam, it is not advisable to alternate Vapopads or VapoSteam with other products like essential oils or salts unless it has been indicated in the manual that the humidifier can be used with those products.

The longevity of your humidifier depends on your commitment to using only the right accessory products along with your humidifier.

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